Stories of HOPE


Story of Ms. Karabi Banerjee


My name is Karabi Banerjee. I am in my early fifties. 2 years ago, I was detected with cancer. It was a real shock for me. I managed the trauma with the constant support of my family. I recovered from the disease at that time. But again it hunted me down. Recently a few months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer spreading to my liver and bone. I am undergoing treatment at Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata.

The utmost care and expertise of the Consultants and the competency of the nurses and other technicians had helped me in this long journey. The best quality treatment they provide here has encouraged me to cope with the disease. I am recovering fast. I am very happy and satisfied with the clinical excellence and support I have been receiving here. Everybody involved in the process of dealing with patients is extremely careful about the needs and requirements a patient may have. I know, with this much care and proper treatment I will again get back my normal life back very soon. Thank you team Apollo. I owe you my life.

Story Of Mr. Chandra Shekhar Jha


It’s a long story. On 16th May 2011, I returned to Bokaro Steel from Delhi after my prostate operation at Sir Ganga Ram hospital. From the very next day I felt severe pain in my stomach and I could not eat. I was admitted at Bokaro General Hospital on 21st may. The gastroenterologist of BGH referred me to a super specialty hospital, as BGH didn’t have advanced facilities. I came to Apollo Gleneagles hospitals, Kolkata because it was the best in the league. The gastro department of Apollo has the finest doctors of India. Dr. Mahesh Kumar Goenka was kind enough to attend me and listened to all my problems. It was really a wise decision on my part to come to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata.

Dr. Goenka detected ulcer in my stomach and treated it. With the help of state of the art technology he diagnosed Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma stomach (stage II AE). With his skilled eyes he understood the situation and advised surgery for me. On 28th May when I was on ventilator, Dr. Goenka called Dr.Chanchal Goswami (Oncologist) to start my chemotherapy. That day I was given my first chemo. My position became stable and on 2nd june I was discharged and referred to Dr. Chanchal Goswami for chemotherapy. I was prescribed 6 cycles of chemotherapy. Dr. Goswami assured me that my condition was curable. I had already completed the 5th cycle chemotherapy. I and my family felt relieved when Dr. Goswami again assured us.

At Bokaro Steel Hospital I was told that it could have been treated there. But my conscience didn’t allow me to go for the treatment. Though I could have been treated there free of cost. But I preferred Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata. Here I have to pay a huge amount of money for every chemo session and have to travel from Bokaro to Kolkata. My insurance coverage got exhausted.

Allthogh the treatment here is very costly but it works like wonder. With each chemotherapy I regained my weight, and other signs also improved. My family was fully satisfied and supported me throughout it. They didn’t want to buy new clothes in durga puja to save some money. I just have a small request. If possible please consider some concession for the senior citizens. I am very greatful to Dr Mahesh Goenka and Dr. Chanchal Goswami for their expert care and proper advice.

Story Of Mr. Krishnendu Saha


At first I just had a regular fever. I took paracetamol for it. But the fever continues for a month.  My family got worried. Then I went to a doctor. He suggested some blood tests for me. When I did that, the pathologists suggested that I should consult a hematologist.

I came to Apollo Gleneagles Cancer hospital and met Dr. Soumya Bhattacharya. He again did some tests and confirmed that it was a case of chronic myelogenuous leukemia or CML. He assured it was curable by medicine and needed regular blood tests and health checkups. But the treatment required time. Doctors and rest of the staffs were very compassionate and caring during the period of regular blood tests and thorough check ups. Doctor also provided with a hard book which helped me a lot.  

Under the constant monitoring of the doctor, my WBC count which increased a lot due to the disease, decreased drastically. I was improving fast. I and my family were positive about the result. Now it’s clear that the cancer is totally curable and I will live my life to the fullest.
The only reason for which I am sharing the story is that there is a false notion amongst people that cancer is a killing machine. But after coming to Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, I know that nothing is impossible. Cancer can not only be prevented but also be cured.

Story Of Mr. Debashis Dutta Gupta

I was attending a seminar at The Park Hotel sponsored by Cisco. Suddenly my lunch plate dropped from my left hand. I was not pushed and couldn’t even sense that the plate was falling down. I thought it could be a mere muscle pull in my left hand. I went for physiotherapy for 15 days. But the condition didn’t improve. Then I visited my local Neurologist Dr. P.K Ganguly. He told that nothing serious had happened. At that time I had to go to Arunachal Pradesh for work purpose.   

After coming back from north-east my condition got worsened. I was an ESI card holder so I went to an ESI hospital. There they advised progressive MRI. Then it was detected that the problem was in the right frontal portion of my head. I was told to get admitted at Manicktala ESI Hospital, where I stayed for 3 days for further check ups. From there I was shifted to Medica Hospital, Mukundapur with the consent of ESI doctors. There I was successfully operated. Then chemotherapy and radiotherapy was needed. Doctors of Media referred me to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata. Then I again contacted ESI hospital and they told me to contact Dr. L.N Biswas.
Efficiency with state of the art technology and specially trained medical people are the assets of Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata. Their dedication and compassion helped me in recovering fast. Hospital ambience is very good. Time to time care with best medical facility and support provides mental strength to the patients. I am very thankful to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata.

Story Of Mr. Sisir Kumar Karmakar

For several years I was suffering from Hemoptysis. This means I was coughing up blood. From 2009 my condition deteriorated. I was under treatment in my company’s hospital i.e. Durgapur Steel Plant Hospital. But my health was not improving. I and my family were really worried about the situation. Then I went to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Chennai. There I was detected with N.S.C.L.C (non small cell lung cancer). I worked in Durgapur Steel Plant. That means I was always in a smoky, dusty and chemical gas field area. I had to inhale acid vapors and above all, I was an avid smoker.

From 2010, another problem added to it. I started having suffocation problem. I was also suffering from Diabetes Mellitus Type-2.

After taking reference from Durgapur Steel Plant Hospital I came to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata. I consulted Dr. Arundhati Chakroborty. She is a really good doctor. Her behavior is also very nice. She had given 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 radiations which I had taken successfully. I had also completed a course of tab Eret 150 mg for 2 months. At present I am under the consultation of my doctor for further evaluation and check up.  

My condition had been improved after the prolonged treatment procedure. I don’t cough up blood and don’t feel suffocated anymore. My condition is stable now. If I face a little problem, I contact with my doctor and she provides necessary advice over telephone. My one stop solution of any kind of health problem.

I have spent more than 1 year in Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata. The expenditure of this hospital is very high but other than that, the services it provides is at par with international standards. Doctors, nurses and non-medical staffs, all are very good. I think that there is no need to go out from the state for better treatment option.  

Story Of Mr. Subhashish Banerjee

My story starts in March 2008. I started having mild pain in my right abdomen along with fever. After investigation just an abscess was detected in the inferior edge of the right lobe of my liver.

In August, 2008 the same abdominal pain with fever came back. I was again suggested a USG. At that point I went to CMC Vellore for proper diagnosis. After thorough investigation & a surgery (Right Hemicolectomy) the disease was diagnosed as Appendix Cancer.

Cancer has a very high impact on anyone’s daily and social life. In fact, it seemed that I have to live such a life which has no match with rest of the family and people of the society. The philosophy of my life, which I shall have to live now, has completely changed and the main thing is that I shall have to ACCEPT this type of restricted and regimented life under the scanner of my oncologists and surgeons.

I always bear a feeling of sadness as my mind is compelled to accept these present circumstances. I have to be away from all enjoyment, laughing, and merrymaking which rest of my surroundings viz. relatives, office colleagues and the rest of the society do.

Amongst all my sufferings, I knew I had to accept the situation positively and lead my life accordingly. But why is this so important? Because unless this I cannot look after my kids/family members. I believe, they are the inspiration throughout my war against CANCER.

I am a middle-aged man passing through a vital phase of life, maintaining responsibilities of my wife and children and struggling to make them independent both financially and otherwise. My son, a 12th standard boy, has to decide his career this year. My daughter, a student of VII standard, will step in high school next year.

They are my real inspiration at the battlefield and there is my wife, a noble lady, the best match almighty searched for me, always inspires with strong thoughts and determination. I have to accelerate myself with thousand Horsepower force in this grave situation only by watching her painful but determined face.

So I never think that I am a victim or it is a curse and impediment of Almighty on me. Instead I started to feel the sufferings of people around and realize that in many ways I am lucky enough.

I believe that mental strength is the biggest power in every person’s life and it can help in this dreadful situation also. I could not forget the day when it was first disclosed to me that I had cancer. I was completely alone at Christian Medical College (CMC Vellore).

I was not broken. The whole day I spent in the Church sitting in front of Jesus Christ and settled my mind. At last I determined myself to face this disaster boldly leaving the steering to God. He had to show me the way and thus I should carry on my responsibilities to my family, near and dear ones.

Ultimately I accepted the situation because I was used to tackle the tragic situations one after another since my childhood. At the age of 18, I lost my elder brother. He was drowned in river Ganges in Haridwar and my mother became mentally unstable. We had to admit her at Ranchi Mental Hospital for 5 times. For these unavoidable circumstances I could not do well in my academic career, though I was a very good student of my class. I had to join Indian Postal Service at the age of 18 years 9 months to look after my family. Since then I was never afraid of any situation in my life, which was helping me then.

I must convey my gratitude to my employer ICICI BANK LTD for the most vital support in this grave situation. I was an employee of The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd (BOR) before it was taken over by ICICI Bank. It is well known that the cost of treatment of this disease is immense and availability of timely finance in India is really tough. .

34 cycles of chemo, 2 rigorous surgeries and my fight is still on. I am much better now but my battle will continue with the support of ICICI Bank. I and my family are very grateful to this great institution and to all its employees and countless well-wishers without whose support I would have not been able to see this day today.


The prognosis of my disease has been affected badly due to the wrong treatment at the early stage. The doctor at West Bank Hospital diagnosed it as IBS (Irregular Bowl Syndrome) first and afterwards said Colitis. Only at Vellore CMC hospital my treatment came on the right track and I was diagnosed as Stage-II plus Cancer Patient. After Hemicolectomy, it was finally diagnosed as Adenocarcinoma Appendix. This surgery helped me to start the cycles of chemotherapy in Folfox IV regime.

I never lose heart in this journey. I did this alone without taking help from my family members and relatives. At TMH, Mumbai I underwent another rigorous surgery--an Explaratory Laparotomy followed by another regime of CAPIRI chemotherapy for 4 cycles.

Next 6 months were a golden period for me. I started Naturopathy treatment at IRIM, Howrah (West Bengal). During this period I visited National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune; Ayurved Hospital research & Development Centre, Wagholi, Pune; Devendra Vora Acupressure Foundation, Khar, Mumbai; Kottakkal Ayurveda , Kerala for my treatment. Since then I started to take Organic food which helped me a lot.

Unfortunately the disease again came back and my Oncologist advised 4 cycles of Avastin+ Irrenoteken chemotherapy, which I took from Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata. This series of chemotherapy affected my health a lot. I was eager to stop this chemotherapy.

But fortunately this regime worked on me by lowering the CEA Value to 5.73 and, therefore, my Oncologist prescribed 4 more cycles of the same chemo. I was really apprehensive about it.

At this point also my fate did not help me and I was affected with severe Jaundice (Billirubin 10.9). I did not lose heart and accepted this as a blessing of God that my doctor was forced to postpone my chemo.

My Jaundice cured and my Oncologist Dr. Prabrajya Narayan Mahapatra at Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital started chemotherapy then and there, which was a painful task for me.

 I could bear the series of AVASTIN chemo, only for the support of Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata. First of all I express my gratitude to Dr. P.N. Mahapatra who dealt my case very sophisticatedly. Considering my prolong suffering he favored me financially too. His words on every consultation inspired me to fight this dangerous disease. In this hospital I found most of the nurses are south Indian who were courteous and well trained. Cleanliness and attention of supervisory staffs is superb. The technology adopted by Apollo is cutting edge. I found that my chemotherapy is monitored by automatic infusion pump, which helped a lot to curtail my tension about the accuracy of time taken for every chemo medicine.

It is very tough to cope up with this type of prolonged (almost endless) treatment. I am hopeful about the result and always believe that the day will definitely come when for sure “I shall overcome …”.

In this context I cannot forget the words of another Oncologist Dr. Ashis Mukherjee that  --  “The disease which you are suffering from has no link with your life span”. What a great encouraging words of a Doctor! If this statement would not be set in my mind at that early stage of my disease I could not bear it and survive till today.


I read many books like “Enduring Cancer” gifted by hon’ble CEO, Apollo Gleneagles hospitals, Kolkata and the Eastern Region, Dr. Rupali Basu. I found many people narrating their fighting moments which encouraged many cancer patients including me. These are the sources of self-boosting for me. Similarly, I wish to speak my words, which may help other cancer patients. Also it is a very rare type of cancer (Appendix Cancer, Adenocarcinoma Appendix). I am quite fit now. People are surprised to see me driving my car whenever I go to my office and hospital. Now I am confident enough that I can build up the future of my children and my wife.


My story is really different. I am 72 years old and live in malda. Suddenly one day I started having pain in the upper part of the right side of my abdomen. I was losing my weight also. I had lost 4 kg over 2 months. After different tests it was confirmed that I had a very large tumor in my liver, clinically called Hepatocellular carcinoma. The size of the tumor (9 cm diameter)  was almost equal to a cricket ball.  

I consulted a couple of oncologists in KolKata but they could not provide an effective treatment option other than a drug treatment (sorafenib). The best it could do was to keep the tumor under control for 3-4 months. My cancer was in a very advanced stage.

Eventually I was referred to Dr. Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay, Senior Consultant, Clinical Oncology at Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital.

Traditionally Radiation Oncologists do not treat liver cancer with radiotherapy because of two reasons-

1. It has always been difficult to target tumor with radiation beams because liver moves up and down with breathing.

2. Liver is a vital organ and radiation can cause liver dysfunction and even death of the patient.

In Apollo I was treated with a new radiotherapy technique called Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). With this technique high dose radiation is delivered precisely on the target in three segments. (1 segment on alternate days). Hence, radiation treatment is complete within 5 days. I received treatment as an out-patient and went back home on day 6.

Before accepting me as a patient for this therapy, Dr. Mukhopadhyay trained me on how to hold breath and also made sure that there was no liver motion when he was holding his breath by doing fluoroscopy (X-ray) study. I was treated  with SBRT on the most advanced Novalis Tx machine.      
I was well after the therapy and did not experience any side effects other than mild tiredness and abdominal pain for few days which was treated with medication and the pain settled.

After 2 months a Repeat scan had been carried out. It showed excellent response to the special treatment. No residual tumor was found in the liver. Tumor marker (alphafetoprotein) was five times higher than normal level before treatment and came down to normal within 2 months after treatment indicating complete disappearance of cancer. I gained 2 kg. weight and was enjoying a good life.

1. Treatment of liver tumor as large as this (9cm diameter and 224cc volume) with radiation is rare even in the world. In western countries radiation oncologists treat liver tumors usually up to 6 cm. Diameter using Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy.

2. This kind of complex treatment is available in Kolkata within a low cost.

3. As far as I am aware I am the first patient in eastern India whose cancer in a moving organ was treated using this technique (SBRT).

4. This treatment brought new hope my life as well as other patient’s life who think cancer is a killer.

Story Of Mrs. Aparna Mitra

I was going through a very tough time in 2011. At the age of 71 one after another health hazards were suffocating me. I started losing weight very fast. Then there was blood coming out with my stool. My appetite was gone. I always felt sleepy. I couldn’t do any work, wasn’t even interested in interacting with people. I became very lazy.

Blood in the stool was the major problem. At first I assumed it was just a blood dysentery. I tried some homemade solution before visiting my local general physician. But my problems persisted. Then I went to Durgapur Steel Plant Hospital. After several checkups the doctor advised me to go to Kolkata for proper treatment. I came to Kolkata and got admitted in AMRI. But at AMRI, I was not satisfied with the treatment procedure. So I came to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata.

At Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata, they checked me thoroughly and suggested to do various tests like blood test, CT scan etc. after many tests it was confirmed that I had cancer. I had a malignant tumor in my ovary. The doctor suggested chemotherapy for me.

After finishing all the cycles of chemotherapy I recovered very quickly. My appetite was back. There was no blood in my stool anymore. I was fit and energized. The size of the tumor was also reduced by the treatment.

According to the book ‘Jeevan Saili aur Cancer’ written by Dr. Ashoke Mukhopadhyay, by the year 2020 there will be at least 1 member in every 5 families affected from cancer. So, I suggest those people who are suffering from cancer ‘do not waste time’. You should come to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Kolkata. They have so many modern machines and techniques which can easily deal with the disease. Though the admission procedure here is a little lengthy but overall the service is very good and satisfying. 

Story of Mr. Avijit Mahato

It was 2008. I was about to turn 18. My class 12 board exams were on the threshold. At that point I was diagnosed with metastatic EWING SARCOMA AND PNET of right humerus with lung metastases and bone metastases (skull region and ribs). I had to take chemotherapy, underwent autologus bonemarrow transplant. Then radiation started. I had radiation at TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, MUMBAI. I was fine till 2011. Then I went to TMH for my follow up. I was shocked when PET CT scan showed few tiny nodules in the left lung. Those nodules were suspected for metastases. Doctors advised to review after 3 months. After 3 months the scan again showed that the left lung nodule has grossly increased in size. After checking the report the real fear crept into my life. The fear of fighting with cancer again. The fear of seeing the pain and suffering on the faces of my family and friends.  The fear of disrupting my studies again. But the people surrounding me were very supportive and helpful. I understood that there was no other option except to fight it.

Initially before diagnosis of my cancer in 2008 I used to have severe headaches and pain in the right hand. The pain was so severe that I had to take painkiller tablets 3-4 times in a day for 1 month. All these happened because of wrong and poor diagnosis of some doctors.

I took some of my chemo cycles from Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital. In 2008, Dr. SHAIKAT GUPTA did the operation of inserting the chemo port.

Next time, Dr. TAPTI SEN inserted the chemo port. 7 fractions of Radiation therapy were given under Dr. SUCHANDA GOSWAMI. Chemotherapy cycles were given under the watchful observations of Dr. CHANCHAL GOSWAMI. My left lung surgery was done at TMH, MUMBAI.

I am still under treatment, but the treatment has worked out well for me. Apart from chemotherapy side effects I never had any severe problem. Till now I have been admitted just once due to chest infection (post radiation effect), which was cured. 

In 2008, my disease was in stage lV. To comeback from that position was really a miracle to me. I am still fighting and I will definitely win this battle too.

People die every day. This is the universal truth.  Once you realise it, nothing matters to you anymore. But one should not surrender to the ailments. You have to fight against it. My sincere thanks to Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital and TMH, Mumbai. At Apollo the technology used for my treatment was the best in the world, even the doctors were world class, the nursing staffs and ward boys of here were very helpful and carried out their duties perfectly.

Story Of Mr. Nilanjan Sarkar

It was like a bolt from the blue. At that time I was studying in 12th standard at Shri Chaitanya College, Vizag. That day I was idly chatting with my friends, suddenly I felt a severe pain in the left side of my chest. I thought it would lessen with time. But nothing happened. A day after fever struck too. I immediately informed my parents who were 1200 kms away from me. Hearing such shocking news my father caught the next available flight and I was taken to Seven Hills Hospital, vizag. I was admitted under the treatment of Dr. Sridhar Srinivasan. He was suspecting Acute Lymphocytic leukemia or ALL. From there I was referred to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata.  

At the beginning I was not told that I might have Cancer. So, I was constantly thinking about my studies. But my mom and dad were suffering from the trauma of the disease (Cancer). Still now they are afraid of relapsing.

 The Seven Hills Hospital could not exactly confirm what caused severe chest pain and fever. Also my platelet count was dropping drastically. WBC Count was doubled. They suspected that it might be ALL or Lymphoma. So, I was sent to Apollo Gleneagles Kolkata .Here the consultant confirmed that I had an enlarged spleen and lever which caused the pain before.

 I was sent to Hematologist Dr. Suporno Chakroborty. He admitted me for further investigations. Bone Marrow and Flow Cytometry were sent to diagnostic lab in Mumbai, where it was confirmed that I had ALL type- B t (1;19). Immediately Chemotherapy was started with daily Blood tests. Gradually my condition improved and the fever subsided, while spleen and lever eventually became normal. Every possible step was taken to prevent infection which included the introduction of Barrier nursing. Measures were taken to stop side effects of Chemo therapy. The Doctor designed my treatment according to the status of my health and how much I can take.

The Treatment worked as wonder. Just after two chemotherapies, the Leukemia cells were declared as not detectable. In the first phase of chemotherapy I suffered from moderate to severe Diarrhea after each dose of chemotherapy. None other side effects could be observed. But I lost most of my hair in that period. Blood counts altered most of the time. I had to take one year gap from School.


The treatment of mine had less side effects and infection. This is due to the high quality maintenance and every possible precautions taken by the medical staffs and the methodology of the Consultant., Dr. Suporno Chakroborty.  My heartfelt thanks to Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital.

Story Of Mr Subodh Chandra Sasmal

My name is Subodh Chandra Sasmal. I am a 77 year old man. I had pain in my spine from 2009. When the pain got worsen I consulted a local doctor. But it didn’t help me. Then I went to Vellore. They did several tests on me. The result confirmed I had multiple myeloma. As I was not given any medicine there, I came back home. After some days I came to Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata. At Apollo, I underwent, Bone Marrow Test and biopsy test. They decided a pattern of treatment which would be required for me.  My treatment started under Dr. Suparno Chakrabarti. I received treatment according to the plan of my doctor. At that time it was impossible for me to put pressure on my left foot. I felt pain in my waist also. I used to walk very cautiously. Each time I needed support for walking. After 5-6 months of treatment I felt much better. I could bear weight on my left foot and walk and now I am quite well. The doctors and the staffs are very empathetic and co operating. The environment of this hospital is also very good. I wanted to share my story because, if anyone has this type of disease, they will know where they can get the right treatment. 
Story Of Mr. Paramjit Singh Karnawal

I am the Head Draughtsman In Hydro Power Project in Bhutan. Everything was going fine until those days of May when I started having pain in my food pipe; problem arose while eating, drinking and swallowing food. I first consulted Dr. Hussain in North Bengal Medical Hospital. After conducting my Biopsy Test it was found that I had Cancer in the third track of Esophagus. I was shocked after seeing the report but I didn’t tell instantly to any of my family members as they would get a big blow after listening to this disheartening news. However my family came to know about it when my company referred me to Apollo Hospital, Kolkata for further treatment. In July I came here for treatment.

There was intolerable pain while swallowing food. I was recommended only grinded or liquid food. Taking normal food was almost impossible for me.

Dr.P.N. Mohapatra (MD, DM, and Oncology) started my treatment with 3 cycles of Chemotherapy. After completion of 3 cycles of Chemotherapy my surgery was done. The cancer affected portion of my food pipe was operated. Operation lasts for 13 hours but the team of Doctors headed by Dr.Saikat Gupta assured me that the operation was successful. After 15 days again I was given 3 cycles of chemotherapy.

 After completion of my treatment, my health stared recovering slowly. Hair started growing, appetite was back to normal . My family was very happy to see my progress. I began to live a normal life again. Everything was back to normalize. Whenever I came back for review, everything came up well since then after tests.

 My recovery was a combine effort of my family, experienced doctors and staffs and advanced technology all at the right place i.e. Apollo Gleneagles

Story Of Mr. Nirmal Kumar Bardhan

My name is Nirmal Kumar Bardhan. I am a 75 year old man. My problem started from August 2012.  Suddenly one day I felt, I was getting tired very quickly after walking for few minutes. Few weeks later severe vomiting tendency started along with pain in abdomen and in lower back. Sometimes I got sudden black outs. I got scared and stopped going out and always wanted to be in my bed. My body weight decreased rapidly as I lost appetite. My family members also told me that I was suffering from memory loss also.

I visited my local doctor. He suggested some blood tests and gave some medicine and advised me a USG (abdomen) and a chest X- ray. I did all the tests and after seeing all the reports he told me that there is a mass in my left kidney which was creating all the problems and probably it was malignant. He suggested not to waste time anymore and go to Apollo Hospital (Kolkata) or Tata Memorial Hospital ( Mumbai).

Keeping my age in mind my only son suggested that I should be treated in AGHL(Kolkata), because of its infrastructure, advanced medicine and above all because of its super skilled doctors. My treatment started under Dr. P.N Mahapatra. My disease was diagnosed as Burkitts Lymphoma metastatic stage IV. Skill of Dr. P. N. Mahapatra, state of the art techniques, choice of right chemotherapy in proper dose and more over correct decisions taken by Dr. Mahapatra has saved my life.

Hats off to Dr. P.N. Mahapatra and his team and also all the nurses and other staffs of cancer centre. They have done a wonderful job for completing the chemo schedule(six in all).Because of my age my body always get down after each chemo but Doctor’s skill again help me to get back to my original body potential. My family was depressed at that time but again got the light of hope when the medicines started functioning. After completing all the chemos  and after 2 follow ups there are no symptoms of any disease right now. I am quite fit now and doing all the things of my personal needs independently.

Thanks to God that I have come to AGHL and met Dr. P.N. Mohapatra. (I have not seen god but he is nothing but God to me and to my family). My case is special because Burkitts’ Lymphoma at the age of 75 yrs is very critical to treat. Now I am eagerly waiting to go back to my old friend circle as soon as possible.

Thank you Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. (Kolkata)

Story Of Mr Hare Ram Sharma

I am from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. I was experiencing pain in my entire body, especially my bones from the second half of the year 2012. I faced difficulty falling asleep in the night because of the immense pain and couldn’t get sleep until it was pressed hard. On 25th May, 2013, I met with a bike accident which fractured my left hip. Two months post accident my condition deteriorated and the pain moved up to my left rib. Digital X-Ray on 29th July. 2013, showed multiple Myeloma and my son then immediately brought me to Apollo Gleneagles Hospital on 30th July, 2013. After under going various tests, I was diagnosed with multiple Myeloma Cancer. My entire family, my relatives wept after the diagnosis as if my life was coming to an end. One of the doctors in Jamshedpur had assured my daughter, when she went for consultation that if treated properly this disease can be cured. Usually, people’s opinion on cancer is not very positive and people feel that once diagnosed with cancer the life comes to an end. Also others start maintaining distance from such patients thinking it is contagious thus upsetting the patients.

I was suffering from Cancer and adding on to it I had fractured my left rib because of the accident which made a hole in my left rib. At Apollo Hospital, Dr Rajiv Basu did my hip surgery by putting a plate in my hip to cover the hole and Dr Shilpa Bhartia continued treating my Cancer.

At Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata I was given many medicines during my treatment procedure. After four months of treatment, I was getting better and my Cancer was back to normal. Doctors then planned for bone marrow transplantation. I was asked to report on the 20th February, 2014 for the same. High doze of Chemo medicines were given to me before the bone marrow transplant began and harvesting was done but not enough cells were found from it. A week later, I was injected a more high dosage of chemo costing rupees 79,200. Post this medicine, harvesting was successful because enough cells were found out. Bone marrow transplantation was then done on 14th February, 2014.

Because of the treatments for few days I faced difficulty in the intake of meals. But gradually, I regained my taste in food and started with my proper meals. I AM FEELING BETTER. Now I see happy and smiling faces of family members and relatives.

I have many people to thank in Apollo, who were responsible for my better health condition. Starting with Apollo Hospital, Kolkata, Almighty, Dr Shilpa Bhartia, Dr Rajiv Basu and finally to our patient counselor Smt Suhita Ganguly who regularly encouraged me during my treatmen process. Thank you to all once again.
I had written my story to encourage all those suffering from the same disease as mine and feel are unlucky should visit Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata.

Usually, people become hopeless after the diagnosis of cancer. But it should not be the case. One should never lose hope and always be motivated to fight against this disease and towards better treatment. I hope my story inspires many such patients.