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Cancer Survivorship Program

Cancer Survivorship Program aims to counteract the sense of powerlessness that accompanies a diagnosis of cancer by supporting patients in developing the strength and strategies to face their cancer related problems.

The survivorship program will provide timely, comprehensive information and support to our cancer patients in a manner that maintains the patient’s dignity and involves them as much as possible in the treatment and recovery process. It will also facilitates their journey  through post treatment survivorship with the necessary support and resources.

Cancer Survivorship ProgramGynecological Cancer


Program Overview :

Date: Saturday,29th June, 2013
Time: 2 - 3 pm
Venue: AGCH 2nd Floor Conference Room



 Gynecological Cancer survivors.

 Gynecological Cancer patients undergoing treatment.


Program Schedule:

1. Opening talk by DMS/DOS/HOD Radiation Oncology -2 pm.
2. Health Talk: Dr. Saibal Mukherjee
3. Question – answer session with Dr. Saibal Mukherjee
4. Patients’ experience on attitude of the society towards cancer.

5. Sharing of survivorship story.                                                                                                                                        
6. High Tea.