About CanHOPE

About CanHOPE || The Logo & Its Rationale || Our Support Team

There is no need for you to struggle with cancer alone. We are here to extend our helping hands and listening ears.

CanHOPE, a non-profit cancer counselling & support service and hotline, is an initiative by Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital, Kolkata (India) & Parkway Cancer Centre Singapore. It is a resource for information about cancer and its available screening tests and treatments for both patients and the general public.

CanHOPE is manned by an experienced, knowledgeable and caring support team who have access to comprehensive information from reputable resources on a wide range of cancer topics, including treatment options for cancer. Our support team will take as much time as required to provide thorough and personalised attention. All information provided are kept confidential.

CanHOPE users will be able to receive:

  • Up-to-date cancer information for patients and callers including ways to prevent cancer, symptoms, risks, screening tests, diagnosis, current treatments and research;
  • Referrals to cancer-related services, such as screening and investigational facilities, treatment centres, appropriate specialist consultation etc;
  • Advice on strategies to manage side effects of treatments, coping with cancer, diet and nutrition;
  • Emotional and psychosocial support to people with cancer and those who care for them;
  • Resources for rehabilitative and supportive services

  • CanHOPE also runs a Face-to-Face cancer counselling & support service at our offices in Singapore where our support team are based.

    The objective of this service is to address the psychosocial needs of patients and families across an entire spectrum of the disease from diagnosis to living with cancer to palliative care.

    Our qualified support team are able to provide emotional support and impart a wide range of information designed to enhance a patient's ability to handle the changes and stresses of cancer diagnosis.