The Logo & Its Rationale

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There is a maori proverb saying, Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

CanHOPE is a friend to many patients where they seek information and support in their battles with cancer. Designed in a friendly and amiable fashion, the logo portrays hope and positivism as the two human forms branch out beside each other, depicting the companionship CanHOPE renders to the patients. Themed in Parkway Cancer Centre's corporate colours yellow and blue, the human forms reach towards the sun with outstretched arms, revealing the hope and optimism any cancer patient can hold on to. With proper treatments and therapies as well as encouragement and support from CanHOPE, one can have a future as bright and promising as the sun.

The gesture of the two human forms outlines the shape of a daffodil, a brightly coloured flower that symbolises the warm and welcoming hands the centre extends, coupled with the optimism of a full recovery. The vitality of the logo is enhanced with lighter shades of blue and it forms an amiable picture of what the centre offers helping hands and listening ears.