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Cancer care. Not many of us are cut out for a job like that. What do the people in this line do? How do they tackle their daily challenges? What makes them tick? We have spoken to our very own team of health professionals for the answers. Read further to find out more on our counsellors, dietitian and palliative care nurse.



Ms Suhita Ganguly (Patient Counsellor)

1.Why become a counsellor/Dietician/stoma care therapist? If not a counsellor / Dietician / stoma care therapist would you have been in any other profession?
Basically I have a special interest on Human Psychology. I love the subject also. I want to help those people who are in great need of it. (Psychological counseling).Without become an expert in this field I won’t be able to do this. That’s why I become a professional counselor.

If I am not in that profession I would have been in Banking Profession. (Officer)


2.What one goal you hope to achieve as a counsellor/Dietician/stoma care therapist?
I just want to help those people who are in psychological distress by providing them proper support (guidance).I want to get back them in the normal track of their life and see them psychologically happy. Their satisfaction would be my goal as a counselor.   

3. Any interesting experiences? Or unforgettable incidences?
I have experienced so many interesting incidents in my career life during handling with both Psychological patients as well as Cancer patients.
Among them one is .., A mother of 3 yrs. old child who get affected by Leukemia, shows me that what can be or should be the spirit for fighting against any kind of aversive situation in the life.

 4. How do you cope with the patient’s emotional state? Does it affect you as well?
Yes, I can empathize with their emotional state but it doesn’t affect me emotionally because being a professional I know how to cope with it.

5. What would you say to someone who would like to volunteer or counsel with CanHOPE?
I would say that some expertise is definitely needed in this profession but anybody who is really interested to serve for the well being of these  needy people can come and join with us.