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Cancer care. Not many of us are cut out for a job like that. What do the people in this line do? How do they tackle their daily challenges? What makes them tick? We have spoken to our very own team of health professionals for the answers. Read further to find out more on our counsellors, dietitian and palliative care nurse.



Mr Sanjib Nag (Stoma Care Therapist)

Why become a counselor? If not a counselor would you have been in any other profession?
I have closely seen the sufferings of the patients due to non awareness and lack of proper guidance about the Stoma management. Family members isolated the patients and personally experienced that the patient/wife/husband committed suicide in depression.
If I wouldn’t be a Stoma Therapist, I would have been a Sports Journalist.

What’s one goal you hope to achieve as a stoma therapist?
To make people believe – “OSTOMY is no longer a handicap “


Any interesting experiences? Or unforgettable experience?
Ganga- Jamuna- a twin baby born in the nineties who ware joint with lower abdomen. A senior renowned pediatric surgeon has taken the challenge to dissect them. Ganga unfortunately died during the surgery. But Jamuna survived at the cost of losing her urinary bladder. The surgeons had no other way than making an ileac conduit in order to save the life of the baby. As a stoma therapist, I feel extremely proud for becoming a part of the historical procedure.

How do you cope with the patient’s emotional state? Does it affect you as well?
A Stoma Therapist’s job starts from ZERO. Giving all sorts of assurance in their own language, using the example of other Ostomates how they are perfectly rehabilitated in their own life/field, we are only a phone call away even in case of a small issue, we will assist him/her by attending personally in the future long. Being a Stoma Therapist we can’t consider our job finished unless the patient’s says by his/her own – yes, I will live my normal life.
As a professional, patient’s emotion does not affect us for a long.

What would you say to someone who would like to volunteer or counsel with CANHOPE?
Be honest, sincere & dedicated; try to feel the pain of patient & their relatives facing life threatening disease by heart.